Full time mothers, teachers, students, daughters, sisters, itinerant workers, all our makers are ladies who are trying to build a better future for the Chin community here in Kuala Lumpur. 
One of our most prolific crocheters. Sung Sung is a full time mother to 3 lovely kids, one of which is our youngest maker, Janice. Sung Sung specialises in the Japanese art of amigurumi, making the cutest stuffed creatures with her epic crochet skills.

Sung Sung

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One of our earliest recruits, Anna's crochet skills is only matched by her dancing chops. An all rounder, Anna's work ranges from our multi-coloured coasters to our cute amigurumi stuffed toys. Coming from a big family, Anna's uses some of her earnings from her products to pay for her school fees to lighten her parents' load.


At the age of ten, Janice is our youngest maker! Her love of crochet is only dwarfed by her love for learning as Janice is one of the highest achieving students in her school. Although she's tender in age, Janice's got mad crochet skill as she is one of our most prolific makers. 


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Part deux of the dynamic crocheting sisters duo, Nau Nem is a full time student at a local school for refugee children. She's also the leader of the school's unofficial official  BTS Fan Club! Together with her sister Ngai Pi, they form a 2 women production line of amigurumis.

Nau Nem

Ngaih Pi

One part of the dynamic crocheting sisters duo, BTS die-hard fan Ngaih Pi is a full time student at a local school for refugee children. She uses her newly acquired crochet skills to supplement her family's income.
One of our latest recruits, Marzy is a full time student at a local school for refugee children. Having taken 2 years off school to take care of her baby sister while her parents work, Marzy recently came back to school with her 2 year old sister in tow. Making up for lost time, Marzy is one of the hardest worker in her school and she's proving to be a quick learner at crochet as well.